Welcome to Annai

A Chinese proverb asserts that a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step and the first step for Annai College of Arts and Science was taken on 14.06.2001. It was the dream child of KKO. Mohamed Ibrahim Education & Charitable Trust which is in reality the vision of the four sons of the Founder, Mr. KKO. Mohamed Ibrahim. While M.Anwar Kabir, our Founder Chairman, dreamed the concept of a college, his elder brother. M.I.Abdul Gafoor, our Correspondent gave a concrete shape to Annai College. Another brother, M.I.Humayun Kabir, Secretary, continues to be our Brand Ambassador through his excellent contacts with the outside world. The youngest brother, M.I.Ahamed Yasin, takes care of the Engineering College. Our management has handpicked the faculty, the best available in the university area and decided to provide always the best educational service to the student community. It is this combination of committed faculty, visionary management and participative student community that has produced the wonder that is called Annai College of Arts & Science . This 17th Year Old College is 5000 students strong and it is already a leader among the colleges in our neighbourhood. Annai College of Arts & Science is run by a Charitable Trust and it lives up to the original objectives of its creation by catering to the economically challenged students hailing from rural segments of Kumbakonam. The course fees is fixed low enough to benefit our students from the rural backdrop. The generous management, in deserving cases, further reduces or totally waives the course fees. Though from a purely financial accounting standpoint, it may be construed as losses, our visionary management deems it as an investment in the emerging future of our great country! The synergy produced by the proactive management and the persistent teachers teaming up (Together Empowering to Achieve More) was responsible for the plethora of University Rank Holders year after year continuously. Welcome to the new experience called Annai College of Arts and Science.

News and Events

♔23.05.2020 National Webinar on The Covid-19 ripple effects on the society and its solution from IT transformation - IQAC & Dept. of MCA
♔23.05.2020 International Webinar on synthesis of biological active compounds based on nitrogen heterosystem-IQAC & Dept. of Chemistry
♔21.05.2020 International Webinar on Secrets of Lateral Flow Immunoassay analysis - IQAC & Dept. of Chemistry
♔20.05.2020 Webinar on Strategical Sketching of ASK for Facing Perform or Perish Circumstances - Dept. of BBA
♔15.05.2020 Webinar on Research Gateway - Dept. of BCA
♔14.05.2020 Webinar on Recent Trends in Nature Life - Dept. of BHM
♔14.05.2020 Webinar on International Webinar on What does this Gene Do? Bioinformatics for function - Dept. of Bio Science
♔12.05.2020 Webinar on Applications of Stochastic Processes - Dept. of Maths
♔8th to 10th May 2020 Webinar on Carrer Guidance - Personality Developement Program - Training & Placement Cell
♔7th May 2020 Webinar on Principle and Applications of Electronic Spectroscopy - Dept. of Chemistry
♔8th and 9th May 2020 அன்னை கலை மற்றும் அறிவியல் கல்லூரி அணக்குடிசாலை கோவிலாச்சேரி கும்பகோணம். -அன்னைத் தமிழ் நுண்ணறிவுப்போட்டி 2020 - Dept. of Tamil
♔2nd and 3rd May 2020Online Mock Test for Common Paper1 - CBSC NET EXAM - Dept. of CS
♔29 th and 30 th april 2020Teaching and Research aptitude online test contest - Dept. of BCA
UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN 2.0- Supported Institution
♔ June-2019Bridge Course 2019
♔ 05-06-2019World Environment Day - Nature Club
♔ 10-06-2019 to 12-06-2019Faculty Development Program
♔ 21-06-2019International Yoga Day Celebration- FDP
♔ 21-06-2019International Yoga Day Celebration- NSS
♔ 24-06-2019Leadership Experience Opportunity - LEO
♔ 28-06-2019World Nature Conservation Day - Nature Club
♔ 12-07-2019A Seminar on Cloud Computing - BCA,CS & IT
♔ 12-07-2019WWC Programe - WWC
♔ 15-07-2019Blood Donation Camp - YRC
♔ 17-07-2019Temple Cleaning - YEI
♔ 18-07-2019Temple Cleaning - NSS I
♔ 18-07-2019Women Welfare Program - WWC
♔ 25-07-2019Paizhnth tamil arangam - Tamil Dept.
♔ ஜுலை 29 – 2019தமிழ் மொழி கற்பித்தலில் புதிய உத்தி முறைகள் – தேசிய பயிலங்கம் – தமிழ்த்துறை
♔ 03/09/2019Workshop on Networking in Magic World -Dept. CS
♔ 18/09/2019iTrix -Dept. BCA iTrix Rules & Regulation -Dept. BCA

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Management Desk

Mr.M.Anwar Kabir


It gives me an immense pleasure to provide Quality Education to Remote and Poor People. We are not restricted to academic excellence. But do we believe in nurturing Patriotism, eco education, good deeds with human values. “Annai Marumalarchi Thittam” is a revolutionary concept which is provided education over hundred poor students. Our eco education namely “Annai Green Revolutionary” is an added value for our academic.

Dr.S.P.Manicka Vasugi


Annai College of Arts & Science, affiliated to Bharathidasan University impart value based quality education to both gender.  The college shows off with highest pass percentage and securing University Rank holders every year.  By the effort of Management, Faculty and students now it raised with 20 Under-graduate departments, 11 Post-graduate departments and Two Research departments. Our College cares for the Individual development of each and every students. 

Dignitaries visited our campus


Our College logo is represented by three birds flying across a rectangle painted grey with blue border. The small bird at the boundary of the rectangle represents the students entering our college. This bird is portrayed unsighted, because students at the point of entry into college are blind to the deeper meanings of reality. But once a student comes under our guidance, he is taken through the learning process and gains insight into the world of knowledge. The third bird with eyes open, flying out of the rectangle represents the fully rounded personality that our outgoing students acquire as a result of our quality education in the classroom and extra syllabus education outside the classrooms.