Blood Donor club

     The objective is to help people in and around Kumbakonam round the clock for 365 days and we abide by the policy of any group anywhere any time. The club is functioning successfully over the years and has Contacts all the blood banks in the city. Above 450 units have been donated this year alone.The Blood Donor Club of our College is doing an exemplary service to the Society in blood donation. Blood is donated mainly to the unknown suffers.

The activities of the Blood Donors Club are two-fold:

To conduct blood donation camps inside the college campus to motivate and induce new Blood donors.

To respond to emergency calls from hospitals by identifying and deputing students of particular Blood Group. The Blood Donors Club is functioning from 2006. Every academic year, the BDC conducts on an average 6 camps, contributing about 350 units of blood to the blood bank of Govt. Hospital,Kumbakonam.